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Her watch collection

Call her weird, different, strange, and anything that you want to call her but she doesn’t mind it because she wanted to be different from usual.  This is my high school friend is.  She likes things that is not for women but she is a woman.  haha!  Weird right?  I respected it because it is her way of expressing herself.  She is happy with it and enjoyed being weird.  Anyways, one of my friend’s collections are watch, men’s watch to be exact.  Said that every time she wears it, she feels very strong.  Geezzz….she is indeed different and I like her that way.  It is cute for me though.  I am saying this because TAG Heuer reminds me of her after seeing it.  This watch is so perfect to be added in her latest collection.  I really think that she would definitely love to have this.  No, I do not have any plans of buying her one.  I will just tell her about this awesome watch.  I am pretty sure she will buy this right away and put this in her collections rack.

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Loving my Craft

At first I thought I wont be able to do this and go this far.  But I am surprised because I am doing this for more than a year now and loving it.  My passion to write has brought me this far. It is not just about earning but it is also expressing myself and doing the thing that I wanted to do which is to write to be able to express myself.  It is difficult for me to share to others and express what I really feel inside that is why I am putting it through writing.  I have been writing back when I was still studying especially during my leisure time.

I am so happy that the world of blogging opens and gives me the opportunity to practice my first love and show to people my passion.  I was wrong when I said before I wont be able to stay long because I am.  And in fact I have several blogs now and I am enjoying myself doing it.  Long way to go for me and I am praying to God that He will give me more strength, and a working brain to be able to write something good that I can share to my readers.  Nothing I can do without God’s guidance that is why I am keeping the faith in Him and believing that if we do things in His name all will fall into places.

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