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It is best to have father figure in the house

Single parent/mother is not new to us.  Children being born out of wedlock is very common nowadays.  This is because some individuals are not responsible enough to accept the responsibility after the wrong doing.  I say wrong doing because they are doing it without thinking thoroughly the outcome of such impulsive decision/s.  This is what I have noticed from the generations today.  The guy who runaway from his responsibility is a coward.  Well, we cannot force someone to be responsible if he himself is not responsible enough to handle his own life.  Just sad that, one precious life is being put in the situation where no father to raise them.

A father’s presence in the family is very important.  As they called to be the wall of the house.  But if the father runaway from his responsibility, it is so different story and affects the life of a child as he/she grows old.  The absence of the father can lead to social nightmares such as son with guns or violent one and daughter’s early pregnancy.  Though this is case to case bases, but most of the time this is so true.  It is really best if there is father figure in the family because a mother can do both.  There are limitations when it comes to raising the child.  A father provides strong foundation of a child which the mother finds it hard to do because mother usually has soft-heart.  So, to all the guys out there, be responsible enough in every decision that you make and be a man to take the responsibilities because your presence at home is very much important.

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